We unlock our phones over
a hundred times a day

I think it is time to make our homescreen beautiful and make our day better. Because with some guidelines you can change your home view of your Android Smartphone every week and change your mood to a better one

.scroll down to learn how


I prefer Nova Launcher Prime, because it is the most complete one at the Playstore. With Nova you can change anything you want around your Homescreen and your App Drawer.


The Wallpaper is always the start of the design you want to create at your Homescreen. This is the reason I share all these albums with my photos. Choose whatever photo you want from my albums or anything else you like.


There are plenty of Widgets apps that you can find on the Playstore. I always use Zooper Widget PRO, because you can create anything you want by your own or you can find a lot of Designers that create amazing Zooper Widgets. In the example image the Widget is Trident by Milan Dragovic.


With Nova Prime you can download and choose any Icon pack you want from Play Store. At the example image I use Impulse Icon Pack but every week I change my icon pack.