What is the payment options?

You can pay only via PayPal, if you don’t have PayPal account you can create one for free here

What is included after a purchase of a Digital Print?

When you buy a Digital Print you will get a High Quality jpeg file with 240 or 300dpi ready for printing

Can you print and frame for me a Digital Print?

Sorry no, I can not do that, I don’t have the equimpent

Is the Frame of your Digital Prints included?

No frame is included after your purchase

Can I use your photos for commercial purposes?

Yes you can, only if my photo is on one of the Free Copyright photography Sites. Also please if you can mention me or send me an email when you use one of my photos.

Can I buy one of your free photos with High Quality DPI?

Yes you can donate me on PayPal and I will send you the file of the original Photo.

Can I print one of your free Copyright photos?

You can try but the result would not be good for you. All my free copyright photos are made for web use only with very low DPI Quality.
Please do not spend your money to print free copyright photos.