Customization Software

To make my Desktop as you see at my setups I use two programs, RocketDock for the beautiful dock you see, and Rainmeter for Widgets like clock, date, music, etc.


The start point of all the setup is the Wallpaper. I like to use my photos as Wallpapers of my Desktop and because I have a Dual Monitor setup at my house I use Panoramic photos. If you have one Monitor you can use any of my photos as your wallpaper.

Dual Monitors Setup3
Icon Packs

Rocketdock has it’s own icons when you install it for the first time. These icon are not beautiful. The trick here is first to drug on the dock your programs and then with right click you can choose any other icon you want.

Widgets & Skins

When you install Rainmeter at the first time you will see a tone of Widgets open at your Desktop. You can unload them with right click and download custom Skins from the web like DeviantArt.