What is this?

The purpose of our group is to present through short videos of the most beautiful and unexplored places in Greece and perhaps in the future throughout the world. Almost every Weekend we are going out there to capture these places and create beautiful videos of small footage for you to enjoy.

Who are you guys?

Our team is just three friends in love with cameras, drones and making videos. Me, Stefanos Kogkas and Dimitris Kozarksi we want to amaze you with these small captures. So if you like our work don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


TRIP #8: Mykonos Island, Greece


Meet the Daytrips team
  • Jason Blackeye
    Jason Blackeye Photographer
  • Dimitris Kozarski
    Dimitris Kozarski Drone Pilot
  • Stefanos Kogkas
    Stefanos Kogkas Timelapse Specialist
Contact Me

I am not here right now, leave me a message and i will contact you asap!

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