Tesla Model 3 Project

When your friend buys this beauty , it deserves to get in frame. This project is freelancing and experimental effort to check my limits with car photography and videography.

Soulmad3 Hidden Treasures

Soulmad3 hidden treasures scroll shot on a beach on a sunny day Project Photography Videography Models Olina Photos & video

Georgina Trikogia

georgina trikogia swimwear 2021 scroll shot on a beach on a foggy day view website view instagram Project Photography Videography Web Design Models filina Marialena Photos & video Web design view website

Soulmad3 Reflections

Soulmad3 reflections scroll shot in a City on a cloudy day Spring… time to reborn, to recreate. In springtime, nature is reviving and this reflects on our souls. The spirit and the hearts want to bloom like flowers and fly free like birds. This is our inspiration for this season. All this reflection, all the […]

Soulmad3 Daydreaming

Soulmad3 daydreaming scroll shot in a City on a sunny day Daydreaming collection is inspired by those chilly mornings, when the wind is blowing and the leaves of the trees are dancing in the air. By the walks in the forests, close to nature, where colors are playing with the lights of sunsets. By this […]

Emelisse Nature Resort

Emelisse nature resort scroll nature..inspired The exotic location is brilliantly complimented by the warm welcome, the heartfelt hospitality evident in every detail and the local warmth, from the reception and the customer support to the one to one service and the local flair apparent every hour of the day through the friendly atmosphere, the local […]

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