A few words

As always I will start with my name, that is Jason Blackeye, The Greek version of it written in latin script is Iasonas Mavrommatis (for Greek fellows it is Ιάσονας Μαυρομμάτης).

My everyday life starts with working at Vodafone Greece as Internet Solution Specialist inside the central Store of Patra. A small city with 250000 population with me among them. My work has to do with giving solutions of Software problems at the customers’ Smartphones and most of my time I try to teach them how to use them.

I was born back in 1988. At the age of 6 years old I saw my first Computer and from then Technology is my life! After internet and smartphones got into my life I became a Tech Maniac. Every year I like to buy a new Smartphone and if any money left I try to buy any other gadget to make my life easier.

Why this Site

My main purpose with this site is to show everyone my free work about Visuals, like photography, personalization of my smartphone or my desktop. I never finished any College or University around Web Design. I was so excited to see beautiful things happened at the Web and I had to be part of all this!

I started learning Photoshop and WordPress 3 years ago by myself and with some help from my great friend and mentor Paul Gilmore. From Then I decided that learning never stops and Web Design, Visuals, Photoshop have no end!

Finally, shooting photos is my last (I think) and my favorite hobby until today. I managed to buy a Canon G7X this year aand every time I have it in my backpack, to shoot any any View I like.

Contact Me

I am not here right now, leave me a message and i will contact you asap!

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